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In the next year or so you will see Cambrian trying to mushroom out at both ends of its spectrum, back into the certificate programs, and we will continue to aggressively develop ways of bridging either to post-graduate diplomas or to applied degrees," Filion says.
Since your 4 man is aggressively guarding the ball in the corner, you should (if possible), have a bigger man guarding the ball, making it more difficult to lob the ball into the post.
We must protect our legitimate hemispheric territory, build a broad regional trade alliance, and move aggressively to solidify our trade relationship in Central and South America.
Managing risks aggressively means attempting to create situations in which everyone wins except the abuser.
Pantel Systems also reports that it is aggressively conducting site surveys and installations with three grocery chains for its digital signage service located in the delicatessens of each store.
With a household income of $95,000, they plan to continue investing aggressively and strive to cut their $14,000 credit card debt in half during the next year.
Many scientists believe that cigarette manufacturers aggressively target blacks in advertising campaigns designed to draw in new smokers.
China telecommunications equipment giants Huawei and ZTE have aggressively entered the mobile communications field.
Under a new ordinance adopted by the City Council late Tuesday, panhandlers are now prohibited from soliciting near banks and in public parking lots after dark and they could be fined and charged with a misdemeanor if they solicit aggressively.
Phoenix Management is aggressively expanding into high-growth markets," explained Mitchell Arden, Managing Director and Shareholder.
s newly elected District Attorney, Steve Cooley, won handily by promising to fight public corruption more aggressively than Gil Garcetti has over the last eight years.
Phoenix Management is aggressively expanding into high-growth markets," explained Brian Gleason, Managing Director and Shareholder.