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In the next year or so you will see Cambrian trying to mushroom out at both ends of its spectrum, back into the certificate programs, and we will continue to aggressively develop ways of bridging either to post-graduate diplomas or to applied degrees," Filion says.
Since your 4 man is aggressively guarding the ball in the corner, you should (if possible), have a bigger man guarding the ball, making it more difficult to lob the ball into the post.
We must protect our legitimate hemispheric territory, build a broad regional trade alliance, and move aggressively to solidify our trade relationship in Central and South America.
With a household income of $95,000, they plan to continue investing aggressively and strive to cut their $14,000 credit card debt in half during the next year.
The research showed that 6 percent of the black smokers detoxified NNAL aggressively and thus were at less risk of lung cancer than most other black smokers.
com (PINKSHEETS: LUVT) is a US corporation which is aggressively gaining market share in the on-line dating industry.
The ordinance) basically says you cannot aggressively solicit, you can't touch someone or block their path,'' said Hansen.
Pantel Systems also reports that it is aggressively conducting site surveys and installations with three grocery chains for its digital signage service located in the delicatessens of each store.
He was wrong and Cooley won a landslide victory by nearly a 2-to-1 margin making a commitment to aggressively investigate and use the grand jury when there is suspicion of wrongdoing by public officials.
With the latest onslaught of media covering how the Internet is used to aggressively go after children in a sexual manner, www.
Sams, knowing he's 0 for 5 against Cobos, came into Saturday's showdown more aggressively than in their previous meetings.
LOS ANGELES -- "This is the third partnership we have announced in recent weeks, bearing strong testimony that we are aggressively executing Grant's new corporate strategy, which includes driving the sales of our partners' products through our own established, significant marketing channels.