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Business community said armed forces of the country have been capable to deter any aggressiveness and to effectively respond to it.
Your dog inherited the potential for aggressiveness from her mother.
test and a new 16-gene panel to predict disease aggressiveness and clinical outcomes in prostate and renal cancers, respectively.
Male aggressiveness has long been thought to depend on androgen, a male sex hormone produced in the testes.
The computational analysis used in their research could also be helpful for predicting the aggressiveness of these and other cancers, says Benevolenskaya.
Believing that the modern game needs a similar edge to grab fans, McEnroe, a BBC pundit, said that that it would be nice to see players going at their games more viciously like he had in his clashes with Connors or Lendl, although he added that many players of today find it hard to show aggressiveness as it is not their style.
Hoyer has stated that the new loan will help fortify Cypriot economy s productive base and aggressiveness as well as insert further value to the economy as a result of its longer repayment period and constructive terms and conditions.
According to Sandstrom (2007) authoritarian and permissive parenting styles are more likely to be associated with aggressiveness than the authoritative parenting style.
2) To assess the whether the ability of an isolate to produce mycotoxin is associated with its aggressiveness.
Moreover, it was found that students who perceive their instructors as engaging in verbal aggressiveness and, to a much lesser extent, relevance are likely to use the competing and, to a lesser extent, the accommodating and avoiding conflict-handling styles with them.
Researchers at the University of Toronto and Mount Sinai Hospital have recently identified a protein that may provide a measure of cancer's aggressiveness.
1998) now calculates several measures of the resources expended in the last 2 years of life for Medicare patients diagnosed with one of nine medical conditions to capture a hospital's style of aggressiveness.