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They said that offering compensation to the aggrieved families is inevitable but steps for preventing such deadly collisions is of pivotal importance.
Gul Afzal Khan Afridi in responding to the genuine need of an aggrieved citizen under the Act.
The GCU ASA executive committee also criticised the behaviour of police and Hospital staff with the aggrieved family after the incident.
According to the first option, the aggrieved corporate service sector would be allowed to opt out of the minimum tax regime, provided the said aggrieved corporate service sectors offer themselves for audit by an irrevocable undertaking in writing in advance by October 15, 2015 or the date decided by the government for the tax year 2016.
Queens secretary Dougie Smithson said: "We're aggrieved we didn't get a replay, especially with so much time left.
The comments by Ginsburg, who no longer is in contact with Lewinsky or her parents, comments alternated between those of an aggrieved party and a still-concerned onlooker.
MUZAFFARGARH -- District and Sessions Judge MianMureed Hussain Thursday chaired a meeting of district legel empowerment committee (DLEC) and stressed on finding ways to assist aggrieved people in making their access easy to speedy justice.
PESHAWAR -- Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Thursday claimed to have arrested two extortionists red handed while they were collecting money from aggrieved party.
We feel a bit aggrieved about what happened last week over the Allan McGregor incident because it seemed to all of us that no contact was made between him and the Hapoel player.
The suit also challenges a federal law that provides less federal campaign funding to minor parties than to major parties and a law that requires aggrieved individuals to file a complaint with the FEC - composed of three Democrats and three Republicans - before going to court.