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cried Alleyne aghast, "you have surely sucked this poison from the man Wicliffe, of whom I have heard such evil things.
Sir Nigel, who had entered the room with a silvery-haired old lady upon his arm, stared aghast at this sudden outburst of candor.
Sambo stood, with his heavy mouth wide open, and aghast with wonder; and Cassy, who was preparing to leave the apartment, stopped, and looked at him in perfect amazement.
We stood aghast at our danger, and had the Martian looked down we must immediately have perished.
The youth, aghast and filled with wonder at the tall soldier, began quaveringly to question him.
The embarrassment of the polite Gauls at such an unlooked-for occurrence may be easily imagined, but picture their consternation, when all at once the royal lady, eager to display the hieroglyphics on her own sweet form, bent forward for a moment, and turning sharply round, threw up the skirt of her mantle and revealed a sight from which the aghast Frenchmen retreated precipitately, and tumbling into their boats, fled the scene of so shocking a catastrophe.
I was so much aghast in what she's done when she issued the administrative order,' she said.
Most everyone in Germany is aghast at the unheard of intervention in another country's election.
In a note to herself, Ms Coghlan wrote: "I'm completely aghast they are treating me like this.
Lloyd's aghast when the police later come knocking on his door after a call from Neil which paints Lloyd as the villain.
05pm) DESPITE being a child psychologist, Samuel isn't fond of kids - so he's aghast when his girlfriend announces she's pregnant.
British Basketball's performance chairman Roger Moreland said: "The basketball community will be aghast that this can happen again.