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26 min: A brilliant save from Jason Steele keeps Boro on level terms when the keeper agilely tips over a piledriver from Darel Russell from the edge of the box.
The BPO becomes a strategic lever for agilely restructuring the supply network as conditions warrant while improving the company's responsiveness and competitiveness to shifting business conditions.
If molecular-scale standards are considered, the spliceosome is made up of five RNA and 100 or more protein subunits that agilely assemble, step-by-step, into the giant complex when it's time to carry out its work.
In other words, perhaps because loss has become an expected part of life, some Argentines, in this case the protagonists of the wine industry, have become used to responding agilely to difficult situations and are willing, when necessary, to make risky decisions.
force of rapidly deployable mission specialists that agilely fill
Alarmed municipalities have tried to control the explosive deployment of billboard images, but the industry is known for agilely circumventing most regulation (Kosofky Glassberg 2005; Nielsen 2000 to 2004).
As utilities move toward leveraging the power of the smart grid, Oracle is prepared to support the industry with the tools they need to manage operations agilely and communicate rapidly with consumers for maximum efficiency.
Much of the migration of the authority and the resources to the Defense Department came about because they were able to move, and move aggressively and agilely, to fulfill a purpose or a need.
Tomlinson returns to the much-cited account in Cavendish's work of her encounter with a woman actor on the Continent during her exile to begin her analysis of Cavendish's theater of the imagination, in which women can act, wittily, agilely, and to the good of all.
With the advances in software and machine programming, we can move more agilely and quickly from customer files to our machines," Duman said.
Professor Willard, for example--about three feet tall with a puff of wild white hair, wearing spectacles, a pinstriped vest and bow tie--was agilely manipulated by Joe Binder (who played George), while actor Stephen D'Ambrose (who doubled as Dr.
It is packed with muscles but it is the looseness of flesh that makes their movements so delicately and agilely expressive--anatomically, we have much the same facial muscles as chimpanzees (though our ones are more differentiated).