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As the helicopter departed, I pushed our aircraft forward and maneuvered agilely in a snug 180-degree turn.
We are grateful these young cadets and older vets take the trouble to visit each gravesite, agilely or slowly, in person.
It was from one of these swift raids that Sam Carroll, the Merseyside goalkeeper, agilely tipped over a venomous shot to his right.
Northrop and the Navy need the drone to respond agilely to remote control maneuvering in the tight space of a carrier.
He began to walk away agilely, and she tried to catch up with him.
In fact, some of the largest companies in any industry fail simply because they become too large to maneuver as agilely as they once did.
easily, and serve our customers more agilely," said Khaled I Al-Dharrab,
The PID technology helps us construct advanced metro WDM networks, provide multi-granularity services quickly and easily, and serve our customers more agilely," said Eng.
Their legs were specially adapted to run more agilely and to move at high speeds.
Even though the exercise's main components were known ahead of time, BA12 participants were challenged to think agilely throughout the exercise, mainly by throwing asymmetric threats at them, said Michael "Mort" White, plans and simulation director, from Commander, Strike Force Training Atlantic.
26 min: A brilliant save from Jason Steele keeps Boro on level terms when the keeper agilely tips over a piledriver from Darel Russell from the edge of the box.
If molecular-scale standards are considered, the spliceosome is made up of five RNA and 100 or more protein subunits that agilely assemble, step-by-step, into the giant complex when it's time to carry out its work.