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But just how much agita the ups and downs of the markets cause is often a matter of conjecture.
Her journey as an emerging transgender is intertwined with the stories of her family -- an ex-wife (played by Judith Light) and a trio of progeny (Gaby Hoffmann, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass), each of whom is plagued by agita and so self-absorbed they could dismiss dear old dad as someone set in his ways and long past able to surprise them.
While retail sales gains remain the focus of the main course, economic agita simmers as grocers seek new ingredients to keep the pot steaming.
In this department, we highlight the major federal, state and local initiatives that could cause you agita in the coming months (see page 8).
In response to this global trend, and due to the high prevalence of inactivity and NCDs, Agita Sao Paulo was launched in 1996 in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Especialmente la de silabario, que en las de Chile es la mas fatigosa, en las de Berlin cautiva toda la atencion de los ninos, y los agita, y despierta en ellos la emulacion y el deseo de saber y prosperar.
How many times must I tell you, my son To lend out your hat is a sin And don't you dare borrow a comb or a brush And stay away from the rock-climbing helmet And don't let your sis share barrettes or her tees Before you give me agita The lice aren't your friends; they're racing through the camp And the lice lady costs an arm and a leg.
Se agita manualmente y con suavidad hasta ver la solucion homogenea, la sangre fresca se coloca a centrifugar a 1300 g (gravedades) durante 15 minutos, con la modificacion se centrifuga la muestra a 2500 rpm durante 10 minutos, con el metodo de Gustafson se aspira el plasma y con mucho cuidado se extrae la capa leucocitaria usando una pipeta Pasteur y se la transfiere a un tubo de polipropileno esteril, previo a esto se debe comprobar de que no tenga contaminacion o restos celulares (eritrocitos) de lo contrario se adiciona el PBS y se coloca a centrifugar a 3400 g durante 15 minutos a temperatura ambiente, luego se vierte cuidadosamente el sobrenadante que contiene eritrocitos lisados, con la modificacion al metodo se utiliza una solucion de lisis de eritrocitos (T.
Brasil es el pais que agita hoy la zanahoria mas grande.
Muy lejos, entre el mar azul que se agita como si debajo hubiera un motorcito aceitado, muy lejos, se alza una ciudad mediana.
And that has the potential to cause Romney a few moments of agita in the coming weeks when and if he visits the North Country again.