agitate against

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Such is his position in Pakistani politics that Maulana Fazlur Rehman cannot agitate against those who take time to see his logic.
like price hike to agitate against government but it should avoid exploiting religious sentiments of the people.
It is struggling to bring reforms in all government sectors, but its opposition has lost patience and intend to agitate against inflation - the result of our own past misdemeanours in earning and spending.
Following the decision, all associations of PIMS called an emergency meeting and decided to agitate against the cabinet decision.
2 -- Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in a lengthy statement, said on 2 December that only in Sri Lanka that political parties agitate against holding elections.
The decision to agitate against imposition of tax has been taken in an emergency meeting of the Shadi Hall held under the chairmanship of President Malik Zahoor Advocate.
They added they will not accept the anti-security guards decision and will agitate against it.
Before Khomeini was sent into 15 years of exile (from which he could agitate against the Shah under much less scrutiny), he was released from prison to a half-year of house arrest.
He alleged that slums in Delhi are being demolished on Jung's instructions so people agitate against the AAP government.
Earlier also I had collected over hundred thousand people at the Ramlila grounds in Delhi to agitate against such issues and can do it again.
After 1800, many black activists adapted the pietistic model of itinerancy and evangelism to agitate against both slavery and racial discrimination.
It added: "Subject to certain conditions, Elliott will not call a general meeting or seek to agitate against the company, its board or management publicly until after the company's 2012 AGM at the earliest."