agitate against

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After 1800, many black activists adapted the pietistic model of itinerancy and evangelism to agitate against both slavery and racial discrimination.
Together, we agitate against a privileged class of mind-numbing wealth, in order to restore our nation's economy so that we, the 99 percent, can have family wage jobs, decent working conditions, health care, retirement security, safe food, clear air, clean water, freedom to vote, the right to organize labor unions, and peace on earth.
On one hand you agitate for lack of power and on the other hand you agitate against producing power
He said that when the damages are not properly compensated then it creates sense of deprivation among the victims and they agitate against the federal and provincial government leading to law & order situation.
Jamshid has come to Isfahan to organize the local textile workers and to agitate against Shirene.
does not want to arm Islamist or other unfriendly groups who might agitate against the U.
The participants threatened to agitate against the government if teachers were deprived of their up gradation.
After two years of internal peace since his return to Stamford Bridge, this sounded like the Special One beginning to agitate against owner Roman Abramovich.
He alleged that slums in Delhi are being demolished on Jung's instructions so people agitate against the AAP government.
Juneau put in place to see that the Association For Military Professionals does not get perverted into a front for Henri Masse's Hezbollah pals, cliques who agitate against the dejure Canadian government, gangsters like Gauthier and Dupuis, anti-Semites like Sid Ryan and his violent protege Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and self-aggrandizers like the FMOQ?
Earlier also I had collected over hundred thousand people at the Ramlila grounds in Delhi to agitate against such issues and can do it again.
if media men are not allowed to protest to register their genuine worries, how a common man can agitate against the lawlessness and bad governance of government officials using their authority to snub any voice to safeguard the vested interests they added.