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While tumbling off cliffs, agitatedly seeking 'inner peace,' and being poked with acupuncture needles, Kung Fu Panda yanks you into a dreamily beautiful mountainous Chinascape.
Bridget recalls the meeting: "Looking back now, it would be very satisfying to say that my Irish second sight, or even my woman's intuition, had helped me recognise unusual qualities which might explain why the young man we met would one day become one of the most notorious figures in history, but there was certainly nothing about the pale, unsteady youth who began agitatedly whispering to Alois, that distinguished him from thousands of others.
Jasper smokes agitatedly and stares off into the distance.
The government should fix responsibility and courts should intervene," he said agitatedly.
Situated near the genuine article in the museum we find a 1935-36 ink drawing of the Gruner Kopf, in which Giacometti has agitatedly drawn circles around the eyes to emphasize their vacant gaze.
During the debut screening of Joseph Cornell's Rose Hobart (1936), Salvador Dali, who happened to be in the city for the first Surrealist exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, reacted agitatedly, shouting "bastard" and knocking over the projector.
Nonspecific Behaviors: Definitions and Clinical Examples Category Definition Restless Agitatedly moving about, not composed, not accompanied by unbroken sleep, in continual motion, constantly seeking change (p.
Meanwhile, Mr Cameron, who clearly could not believe his ears, was agitatedly consulting his colleagues.
As the vehicle drew closer, we could see the lead animals dancing agitatedly on the shore, edging closer to the water, then back, trying to galvanize sufficient courage to cross the wet chasm blocking their journey.
Tell Brian about that day, Raymond," pleaded Itchy Alan, agitatedly rubbing his arms with his hands.