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We are still players short in pivotal positions and I just hope he hasn't blown the weekly shop buying fish, chips and curry sauce at the chippy (forwards) but forgetting he still needed to buy bread and milk (midfield) and toilet rolls (defence) is what I tapped, agitatedly into my phone.
A terrified woman driver raised the alarm when she noticed George, 34, behaving agitatedly in the early evening and claimed she saw the bodyguard dashing between vehicles.
When I got home, I found the three remaining fish milling agitatedly at the surface of their bowl, gulping with wide, quick mouths.
It has to be said though that Crystal Palace were pretty appalling, which considering they were being agitatedly urged on by what appeared - from my seat - to be the nation's oldest, angriest teenager, says much for their qualities.
It being considered that the risk average of the sporters playing in teams who completed the 2011 - 2012 handball super league in top-rank, is higher than that of the sporters of the teams completed the league in the lower-rank, and this is because they perceive all the risks that may hinder the sporters of the teams that fight for championship and they therefore behave more agitatedly.
The following week, they had lost ~20% mass and both adults were nearby calling agitatedly, likely indicating biparental care.
He looks boldly, and even with curiosity, into the face of death -either taking pictures of the deceased at a funeral or staring agitatedly at a just-disembowelled pig - and values the freedom of not fearing for his life, perhaps even more than life itself.
Bridget recalls the meeting: "Looking back now, it would be very satisfying to say that my Irish second sight, or even my woman's intuition, had helped me recognise unusual qualities which might explain why the young man we met would one day become one of the most notorious figures in history, but there was certainly nothing about the pale, unsteady youth who began agitatedly whispering to Alois, that distinguished him from thousands of others.