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In a statement issued, it was mentioned that student representatives were called inside the chamber for a thorough discussion of their demands, the discussion went on till 2:30 pm, when more than 15 agitating students barged into DoS Office and became very violent.
Earlier, the agitating Senators from FATA cancelled their token walk out from the House on request of the Chairman.
The agitating farmers have been demanding an MSP of Rs6,000 per quintal (100kg) of cotton, Rs2,500 per quintal of paddy and Rs2,500 per quintal of soybean.
According to reports, a concerned state government said authorities were trying their best to end the standoff between agitating workers and management, even as the Haryana Labour department said it could take three months to give nod to the new union of MSI workers at the Manesar plant.
The agitating Chhetri Samaj enforced the strikes demanding indigenous identity to Chhetris, reservation in state agencies and a different Khas Chhetri state, among other things.
Meanwhile, a clash erupted between the locals and the agitating Maoist cadres while the latter were enforcing banda.
He wanted to make sure everything was all right at home while he worked out a package that would be acceptable to the agitating workers of his company.
Home Department sources said the administration was upset over Gill's handling of the Gujjars' who have been agitating for the past nine days demanding Scheduled Tribes status.
Steinert manufactures agitating drum magnets, which means they have several poles that are opposite one another, which causes the material to flip, releasing trapped dirt, Ciccotelli says.
Jacobs and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities have demonstrated the feasibility of quickly assembling hundreds of identical microcircuit components by agitating subunits in liquid ethylene glycol heated to 100[degrees]C.
Supporters of the political parties agitating against the king's seizure of executive powers in October 2002 took to the streets in many other parts of the kingdom and clashed when police intervened, reports reaching the capital said.