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Muhammad Sarwar while addressing to the participants said that today's gathering of all labour organisations is a public referendum against the agitational strategies of opposition parties.
A large number of Indian people wished that their country should review its agitational policies, he added.
SIALKOT -- A large number of the people including women today staged a peaceful agitational demonstration at Kutchery Chowk Sialkot and they lodged strong protest against Federal Investigation Agency(FIA) for confiscating the passports of the hundreds of the people from a local travel agency.
Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah claimed that the opposition, especially the PTI, had lost peoples' support due to agitational politics, including month's long sit-in at the parliament.
The works in my series "House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home" (currently featured in the exhibition "The American Dream" at Kunsthalle Emden) were made as agitational works against the war in Vietnam, which we were pursuing at the time, but they are rooted in a feminist sensibility.
The fight against injustice somehow was overshadowed by Imran Khan's obsession for 'agitational' politics, and an 'encore' of the same demonstration pressing for the same demands again and again has somehow unnerved the local public.
We need only recall that the Bolsheviks, socialists who actually made a revolution rather than merely bloviating about it, deployed as their main agitational slogan not "socialism now" or "nationalize the means of production"--they reached the masses by advancing the very concrete "land, bread, and peace," sensibly grasping that desperate workers and peasants were more interested in tangibles than abstractions.
News doing rounds about change is not true -- Dr Vaidya." Meanwhile, the RSS had earlier come out in open defence of women's rights to enter temples though it called for a deliberative approach to the problem rather than agitational one, as it was a sensitive issue.
Developed during five research trips to Cuba under the auspices of the Institute of Cuban History in Havana, this book analyzes a wealth of leaflets, pamphlets, clandestine newspapers, and other agitational material from the 1950s that has never before been systematically examined, along with many interviews with participants themselves.
The struggles of "agitational enterprises" are presented as worthwhile.
The Prime Minister thanked the political leaders for joining him on an issue of national importance and said gone were the days when political leaders of rival parties were involved in bickering and agitational politics.
Unable to contain rising prices, poverty and corruption, the regime has first propelled agitational and extremist measures by the affected common people and then targeted the hapless populations and use all sorts of repressive tactics to silence them.