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They said party workers from Sullia taluk met Kejriwal on Wednesday morning and briefed him about the organisational activities and agitational programmes of the AAP in the area.
Agitation and Education," also by Buhay, identifies educational and agitational work as a key weakness of the CLDL:
In its energy and its unparalleled verbal wit, its restlessness, its agitational and unacademic designs on its political and social context, Swift's writing supplies modern criticism with what it has sorely needed since Arnold covered critical writing with the mantle of cultural authority and reactionary political quietism.
It's easy to bemoan the lack of agitational conscience within the show, but the emirates are absolutist monarchies, and Sharjah in particular exercises strict religious control over its citizens.
The human rights NGO reminds of the Katunitsa case in September 2011, when a criminal case led to anti-Roma protests all over the country, which caused Ataka to start distributing a particularly dangerous racist brochure titled "Gypsy crimeaa danger for the country" alongside agitational leaflets in support of Volen Siderov's bid for Bulgarian President.
It follows that for speedy and planned development, mass mobilization of the population becomes essential, and the educational, motivational, agitational, and organizational roles of the mass media are unavoidably crucial (Aldeman 1967; Apter 1965; Tinbergen 1967; Mboya 1970).
The collection being exhibited features both opulent examples of czarist Russian porcelain art, such as dinner service ensembles, elegant vases and sculptures that adorned the palace rooms and offices of Russian royalty, as well as avant garde and so-called agitational art works that proclaimed the country's revolutionary changes.
The Duma, for the RSDLP, was to be taken advantage of for agitational purposes towards another end.
Nonetheless, their practical work included campaigns, demonstrations, and promotion of educational and agitational programs, which were geared towards assisting African liberation.
Alleging that 'blind opposition to the Congress' had driven both the Left and the BJP to undertake the same agitational programme, the newly appointed PCC chief said but for this, there was no reason to call a strike on the issue of petro price hike.
The rapidly widening agitational politics among the industrial workers provided avenues for "vanguardist action by the politicized youth.
Active agitational work was replaced by an atmosphere of conspiratorial intrigue, increasingly distanced from the material circumstances of the United States.