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Some of the agitators whispered, "He will be off, he will escape from us
He was a quiet-mannered man, whom you would have taken for anything in the world but a Socialist agitator.
Lord Eldon said in his old age that "if he were to begin life again, he would be damned but he would begin as agitator.
One was a tramp, another was a labor agitator, a third was a law- school student, and the remainder was composed of wordy workingmen.
And he had been for years a most restless agitator for improvements in telegraphy and the post office.
is equipped with a custom combination of independently driven agitators.
The story of lasting peace restoration and transformation of the lives of former agitators in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria cannot be told without mentioning the invaluable contributions by Kuku.
However, I invite the agitators to come here and examine the standard of medical facilities.
In a VersaMix, two or three independently driven agitators work in tandem to ensure high-speed fine dispersion, efficient turnover and uniform heating/cooling.
August 20 (ANI): Unite States President Donald Trump has called the Free Speech rally protestors anti-police agitators.
White Mountain Process carboy mixers and agitators, catering to biotech, pharmaceutical, sanitary manufacturers, and other markets, are available for use in buffer prep, media prep, filtration, diagnostics and reagents, and more complex mixing applications.