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An agnate is one whose relation to the deceased is traced without female intervention.
On this account, the Pangia justifies his refusal to pay both the bride-price and the child-payments to her Yagwoia close agnates who in turn have been chasing him through the islands and the highlands of PNG for the last 15 years in order to extract from him their share of her womb-generativity; for the Pangia got out of her several children.
In Savage Cove, in the Strait of Belle Isle, Firestone explained "As men tend to remain in the communities in which they were born and work with their agnates they form patrilocal extended families which are often connected by marriage to similar families in other communities" (Firestone 1967: 39).
While in nearly all cases a named patrilineal clan is seen as the original inhabitant of a territory, a substantial amount of the local groups' permanent residents are not agnates of the settler clan, with most in fact seen as having full ownership privileges.
the status of Qur'anic authority vis-a-vis that of the Traditions) and/or Sunni inheritance law in particular might somehow be involved, the latter, of course, especially because of its insistence (in the Traditions) upon the rights of male agnates.
In matrilineal descent systems such as those of northern Vanuatu, where matrilineal groups are dispersed amongst villages and islands, other political structural responses emerge to unite agnates in the pursuit of leadership within villages or groups of villages.
It is misleading to say that if the agnates (asabat) do not exhaust the estate, the remainder is divided among the cognates (p.
Relations to other affines and to the agnates of the mother are also used to collect contributions.
6) At the death of every great man, sorcerers who were the deceased's agnates or in their pay, were known to despatch a victim to mark the various stages of his obsequies.
seem to be dominated by custom, and the records often reveal arrangements made between the husband's family and the wife's agnates.
A small group of men, perhaps a subclan, came home in the middle of the day to find their agnates consuming cassowary.