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Conversely, in interpersonal and textual systems, the options are agnates: they are general types of possible construals, which can apply either to any kind of clausal syntagm (for example, the features [unmarked theme] or [polar interrogative] in the textual and interpersonal systems), or they can apply to relatively large structures which can be specified in terms of experiential features (for example, the textual feature of [passive] is only available for the experiential class of [effective] constructions).
I have related elsewhere an example where informants could not accept as a true agnate a man with whom their genealogical connection could only be reasoned indirectly (Burton 1997:3).
Beneficiaries Versus the Founder's Heirs and Agnates
This burden of support for all family members falls upon fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers, depending on the circumstances.(208) For example, in case of the death of a father, an unmarried or divorced daughter will have the right to care and maintenance by her male agnate relatives.209 A brother has the duty to maintain his sister.(210) A son has the duty to maintain his widowed mother and other dependents of his deceased father.(211)
These differences are generally held to align with the difference between what Mithun (1984) called "Type II" and "Type III" incorporation: in Type II incorporation, "the N loses its syntactic status as a distinct argument of the clause," while in Type III it is still a distinct argument, can be modified by external material, has nonincorporated agnates and so forth.
Hallaq claims that this reform is disingenuous because, "In the fiqh corpus, the guardianship of the senior male agnate amounted to a representational right whereby the interests of the family and the group would be considered together with the marital interests of the ward" (p.
Thus, as opposed to the author of the Mitaksara, Jimutavahana is firmly of the opinion that the principle that immediately allows agnate members of the joint family any proprietary claims on the basis of their birth should not hold sway in the law of ownership and inheritance; what is decisive, rather, is the "sapinda" status, which ensures to family members their rights on the basis of spiritual acts for a deceased relative (parvanasraddha)--only after the latter's death, to be sure.
QANG averred that he didn't know why his deceased paternal relative would hold some grudge against him and emphasised that they are of two different latice segments, which is to say that as an agnate this father is distant.
The most popular of all themes is a particular type of current event, the "honor crime" in which, typically, an unchaste woman is killed by a male agnate. Cachia gives us three songs on this theme, two about one crime and one (where the victim, unusually, is a man) about another.
ahiri, and Ibadi law because of their distinct features, particularly the rejection of the principles, generally accepted in non-Shi I law, of awl "proportional reduction," whereby inheritance shares are reduced proportionally if the sum of the fixed shares allotted exceeds the total inheritance, and ta sib "agnation," whereby residual funds are distributed among the agnate relatives (asabah) of the deceased.
The deceased's closest agnate, Amalyce, also claimed that he didn't know where they were.