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Until I have this information, I shall remain agnostic.
But this conviction does not make an agnostic more tolerant than a believer, for each has a specific worldview that requires him to say that the other is wrong.
All of these products enable software developers to write Java-based applications that are operating system and hardware agnostic, lowering development costs, speeding time to market, and enabling service providers to more easily integrate applications and business processes.
It should be emphasized that Robinson's spiritual potentiality is realized only through the performance of rituals specific to the cosmology of the Mundo, an ironic turn in the life of this agnostic and anthropologist.
Leveraging Silent Communication's serverless Device and Network Agnostic (DANA) deployment technology, mobile operators are empowered to provide high-value, custom-branded visual voicemail services to subscribers regardless of mobile device or platform.
For many clients, our shore agnostic approach delivers nearly twice the software engineering efficiency typically cited by industry analysts such as Gartner and Aberdeen.
Agnostics and atheists would never do what Susan and the Zeidlers did.
They are also outcasts living at the crumbling edges of institutions, agnostics occupying the margins of belief and unbelief.
CA's BrightStor Portal, for example, offers a single point of access to storage resources, is vendor and OS agnostic, and has an open standards-based architecture.
Silent Communication's serverless Device and Network Agnostic (DANA) deployment technology for mobile clients enables mobile operators to roll out high-value services to any mobile device on any VAS provider network infrastructure (Alcatel-Lucent, Comverse, Ericsson, Acision, Unisys, etc), with support for mobile operating systems including Java, Symbian, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, BREW and Windows Mobile.
He points out, for example, that ancient Sanskrit has more atheist and agnostic literature than any other classical language in history.
Patrick Fontanaud, an agnostic physician who looked after Bely, said there is no scientific explanation for what occurred.