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Agnostic Front quickly became one of Yohannan's primary targets.
He writes about stealing purses and mugging passersby to get money for drugs, and run-ins with the cops, but he also records how he rededicated himself to his band, released new albums, and helped cement Agnostic Front's place in the history of hardcore.
Then I'd "suggest" that the vendor consider using the term "platform neutral" rather than agnostic because the word agnostic only applies to the existence of God: "a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and probably unknowable; broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god" (www.
However, I shall remain agnostic while you have correspondents for and against who fail to provide straight answers to straight questions.
What this indefinable unknown is the agnostic cannot say.
When time came for comments from the floor, the agnostic stood up and stated that the entire discussion that had just taken place was entirely useless because nobody knows anything definite about whether there is a god or what he would be like if he exists.
For that reason, the business communicator cannot, I think, be agnostic in his view of the role of government in society," keynote speaker Phil Burgess told those attending the IABC "Leaders in Communication" conference and inaugural IABC Asia Pacific Leadership Institute in Melbourne, Australia, in November.
My own agnostic view is that if there is a deity, He, She, or It probably isn't a hands-on manager of the world's day-to-day operations; this spares me the need to grapple with Derbyshire's paradox.
What if you could deploy SAN-based storage services on an appliance-like platform that is fabric agnostic but has the performance, scalability, and reliability of fabric switches?
Although he was a professed agnostic, Russell demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of both science and religion in understandable prose.
With the proliferation of new devices and new access channels, these companies need an environment that is device and network agnostic.
The Agnostic reflects on the human search for meaning in a world that has drained old meaning valences of their power.