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Suppose, for instance, that an agnostically derived measure of ideology identifies a particular judge as liberal.
This figured reader could choose either way, or might choose, agnostically, not to choose.
1 natively supports all the leading Linux distributions and hypervisors; works agnostically with any SSD or HDD, regardless of type, model, or speed; and runs on x86, ARM, and other chipsets--giving organizations complete freedom of choice.
Camilion and SAP have uniquely built their respective solutions from the ground up to externalize product information and agnostically integrate with any core system.
Venafi has the only encryption management platform that manages encryption agnostically across the majority of operating environments and encryption types, based on organization-defined policies.
We are delighted to have Stan complement our highly experienced team given his proven ability to express risk agnostically across capital structure through fundamental credit analysis and understanding of macro, rates, inflation, and hedging," said Steve Vaccaro, Chief Investment Officer.