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Suppose, for instance, that an agnostically derived measure of ideology identifies a particular judge as liberal.
175) What I described above, somewhat agnostically, as the value-maximizing tendency of reasonable use is viewed by Horwitz in more political terms, as "central .
Not many people approach this issue agnostically, but, as Zimring notes, many are ambivalent about capital punishment and not well-versed in its history.
We need to make the presidency "strange" again by approaching it agnostically.
This figured reader could choose either way, or might choose, agnostically, not to choose.
This could be approached agnostically using variable selection procedures (e.
We sit agnostically among these three parties, meeting each of these needs and aligning these interests to ultimately ensure life-saving medications get to the right patients at the right time, for the best cost.
2003 Economic Report of the President, agnostically stated that