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However, he does not refer to the agonising deaths of the thousands of British, Dutch and American Prisoners of War who suffered hell in the Japanese war camps.
Mac is a vital companion to owner Charlotte MacPherson who suffers from an agonising joint condition and was due to accompany her in September when she starts her Fine Art course.
Marketing director Conleth Byrne said: "We regularly run cashback offers based around being beaten a short head, but being pipped by a nose - now the official minimum margin - is even more agonising for punters, so we'll take the first three noses on the chin and pay them as winners.
A family faces an agonising wait to find out if a body found on a beach is that of missing grandmother Sharon Crumb.
THE agonising wait for England's World Cup hopefuls could be over sooner than expected.
It was agonising to have to make people redundant, but it's wonderful to be able to welcome people back.
Twice local lad Simon Baldry came within a whisker of scoring for Town whose manger Lou Macari spent an agonising 90 minutes watching his side promise so much only to deliver so little.
Witnesses said they heard screams and an agonising yell.
In an unbroken 90-minute span (the interval has been dropped for Britain and it is surely an improvement) Dykstra and Greenblatt lead us along the agonising path from a beginner's first tentative excursions on the keyboard to what most of us (though not the fearsome teachers depicted here) would regard as virtuosity.
CAN there be any moments more agonising than holding your precious, longed-for baby as his life drifts away?
Columnist Alex Beam provoked widespread anger among Liverpool FC fans when he said "internet fan sites are still agonising over a 21-year-old soccer riot that killed 96 people".
No one is fooled any longer with the dodgy decision-making and the pretend agonising by the judges, such as simon Cowell, over who should be sent home.