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Miss Scanlon's lawyer Patricia Noone said: "She now suffers episodes of agonising pain and has been hospitalised several times.
STEVEN GERRARD reflected on Liverpool's agonising Champions League exit and admitted: "We haven't been good enough.
Both Susan and Charlotte suffer with the hereditary Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes agonising daily dislocations of their fingers, elbows and shoulders.
Mr Holt refers to the suffering of the inhabitants of the two cities who were apparently left to die in agonising deaths.
No one is fooled any longer with the dodgy decision-making and the pretend agonising by the judges, such as simon Cowell, over who should be sent home.
Mac is a vital companion to owner Charlotte MacPherson who suffers from an agonising joint condition and was due to accompany her in September when she starts her Fine Art course.
The six-handicapper from the Glamorganshire Club scored 35 Stableford points being out among the early starters in Devon and had an agonising wait to see if he'd made the quartet heading to the United States.
THE parents of Madeleine McCann faced an agonising milestone today on the seventh day since her disappearance.
I'd imagine he is more likely to run six bends now, it was an agonising short--head defeat in the Pepsi Marathon final last Saturday, but it is worth remembering that the short run--in means a marathon round the Stow is easier than most other places.
It was agonising to have to make people redundant, but it's wonderful to be able to welcome people back.
Twice local lad Simon Baldry came within a whisker of scoring for Town whose manger Lou Macari spent an agonising 90 minutes watching his side promise so much only to deliver so little.
You Are The One can live up to her name at Yarmouth today by making up for the agonising transatlantic 'near-miss' suffered by Luca Cumani and Jamie Spencer in Canada on Sunday.