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Why is it that when Egyptian women hit middle age there's always so much agonizing and confusion over everything, asks Rasha Adli in her new novel Nisaa Haerat (Agonizing Women).
The 'Rocky' star is grieving the "agonizing loss" of his son Sage, who was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Friday.
Although pain can be agonizing, it does serve a useful function--it teaches people and animals to avoid dangerous situations and forces them to attend to wounds.
In the title story, the son of Holocaust survivors empathizes with the torture his parents must have experienced when he undergoes a series of agonizing dental procedures; hence referred pain becomes a metaphor for these fictional characters trapped by their own psychic pain.
If my wife starts listing problems that must be dealt with that day the wheels in my brain grind with agonizing slowness and often fail to mesh.
Once he has gone through the movie cliche of basic training--the screaming sergeant, the multicultural platoon, the agonizing exercises--director Sam Mendes (American Beauty and Road to Perdition) quickly dispatches the platoon to the sand-strewn reaches of Saudi Arabia where the mission, as Lieutenant Colonel Kazinski (Chris Cooper) bellows to the troops via bullhorn, is to protect the oil fields of "the House of Saud."
Casting shadows over it all are the shrouded ruins of the International Style Deutsche Bank Building, which largely survived the collapsing Twin Towers next door but awaits its fate of being taken apart, floor by floor, in a process known in the building destruction trade as "deconstruction." Danny Lyon's Destruction of Lower Manhattan unearths what this area, south of Chambers Street, endured during its agonizing initial phase, in 1967, as sixty acres of nineteenth-century cast-iron structures east and west of Broadway were leveled to accommodate urban renewal and the World Trade Center site.
But each had a story about family members lost or saved--and the agonizing hours spent trying to contact them.
Besides describing the last mission of this particular crew, he also describes the agonizing, desperate flights made by American and Japanese crews, supported by several appendices and notes.
I was agonizing over the mangoes--the organic ones cost an extra $2 each, a shocking $3.50 per mango.
Nicola Morgan's Fleshmarket (038573154X, $15.95) deftly blends an historical 1822 setting with the story of a boy who witnesses his mother's agonizing death at the hands of a savage surgeon.