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Agonizing Women delves into the soul and everything within it that's good and evil.
With the rock fans clamoring for the ordination of Elvis, the African Anglicans mulling over whether to send missionaries to England, an Australian ex-bishop at the center of a sex abuse scandal, Episcopal Bishop John Spong preaching that everything in the church is so much clap-trap, and the Canadian church hierarchy agonizing over whether there's enough room on the head of the Anglican pin for both straights and gays, there's so much bedlam going on that no one seems to notice that thousands of confused Anglicans are looking for a new pew in which to pray.
Professor Josh Miguel Ibanez of Santiago, Chile, spoke about the presence of God in contemporary poetry, stressing that even the tradition of "accursed poets or agonizing believers will give witness of the Christian God by way of anguished doubt or even of curse and blasphemy.
Decisions are still being made today weighing these factors, but they would seem to be less agonizing, as acceptance of scrap paper-based pulp and paper has grown in market share.
With agonizing slowness, his couple struggled with attraction, ambiguity, and revulsion.
The God who comes to be with us in Jesus walks our streets, shares our pain, weeps our tears, suffers our humiliations, and dies the most agonizing of human deaths.
No matter what happens thereafter--great wins or agonizing losses--the four days of the ABCA Convention will leave an indelible imprint on your mind.
The agonizing and tiring journey is filled with startling moments.
For example, after agonizing about whether specific curriculum components met one standard or another, no one ever questioned any of my decisions, so I often wondered if the labels were more important than their accuracy.
Diana Son's Stop Kiss, the surprise hit of the off-Broadway season at the Joseph Papp Public Theater, zeroes in on that last agonizing moment before the love between two women speaks its name.
Three agonizing days later, Tom and Jeff stood 8,848 m (29,028 ft) on top of the world.
Prevention education is the key to avoiding agonizing burn injuries, while survivor services prove paramount to improving quality of life for courageous burn survivors.