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* facilitating the learning process from agoras by making available methods and tools for supporting conscious evolutionary design;
The 'clients' for these services would be community activists and organizers; institutions developing efforts related to the agoras' purposes including managers, consultants and technicians; concerned citizens; and researchers in fields similar to the systems community.
Develop an Internet-Based Knowledge Base on the Agoras' Experiences and Learning
* to create a shared understanding of the challenges that will need to be addressed in the construction of agoras of the global village in the context of globalization;
The 47th annual conference of the ISSS aimed to mark the beginning of a long-term effort to construct agoras of the global village.
It became obvious early on that this would be a more theoretical discussion of IM with experienced participants sharing their concerns rather than a forum to lay the groundwork for an action plan for the formation of global agoras. However, this did not lessen the commitment of the participants and facilitators to come to grips with some of the fundamental issues regarding agoras.
If some of the participants in the agoras were social workers, they would bring with them the enrichment of their experience, knowledge and skills to try to be progressively more inclusive of poor people.
Its conclusions, presented at the summary session of the conference, are the point of departure of the present paper, which I hope to become the pretext for further conversations and for the institutionalization of the Latin American agora of the 21st century.
They will define how their agoras of the twenty-first century will function and draft action plans for establishing them.
* defining what a democratic global discussion might look like (agora as process);
274-276) The ancient Agora, as a forum where public democratic dialogue was practiced and equality of participation was experienced, offers a cultural, political and evolutionary focal point for the revitalization and creation of New Agoras.
The next section introduces the ideal of New Agoras as related to the Agora Project, emphasizing the role of the citizenry in re-enchanting a participative democracy.