agree beforehand

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For example, one strategy could be to agree beforehand that while all viewpoints are welcome, differing goals and viewpoints must be resolved as they arise, before a project can continue.
Lawmakers from Aoun's parliamentary Change and Reform bloc, Hezbollah and its March 8 allies have thwarted the required two-thirds quorum by boycotting the three Parliament sessions in order to pressure their March 14 rivals to agree beforehand on a consensus candidate for the presidency.
It's perfectly natural for them to agree beforehand that, "No matter how good something sounds, we're not going to sign anything today-at least not until we've had a chance to go home and think about it.
In the case of e'sma, men agree beforehand to give their wives the right to divorce.
And messages can only be sent to contacts who agree beforehand to receive messages from a specific inmate.
Jones laughed at suggestions they could agree beforehand to score four quick tries each to secure the bonus and then start playing for real.
So, using Nature as our inspiration and guide, we'll agree beforehand to accept each painting as unique and perfect.
The two probably would agree beforehand on design as well.
Japanese officials said the resumption of the talks was made possible partly because the six nations have abandoned attempts to agree beforehand to contents of a draft statement, which will be adopted at the second round.
Staff in these locations could agree beforehand to stay at the hospital when a VBAC patient comes in.
We agree beforehand that we won't do anything else until we have cracked the research for the space project, practised his handwriting, read an improving book together (so no the Red Alert 2 Handbook won't count) and tackled the new piano piece.
In response to the proffered deal, Golonski reiterated that Burbank would not agree beforehand to drop its opposition to expansion even if the Federal Aviation Administration rejects the airport's application for a mandatory curfew on night flights and other restrictions.