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Both the propositions are unjust; for if we agree with what the few propose we erect a tyranny: for if it should happen that an individual should have more than the rest who are rich, according to oligarchical justice, this man alone has a right to the supreme power; but if superiority of numbers is to prevail, injustice will then be done by confiscating the property of the rich, who are few, as we have already said.
'But, my dear Podsnap,' quoth Veneering, 'there IS a tried friend of our family who, I think and hope you will agree with me, Podsnap, is the friend on whom this agreeable duty almost naturally devolves.
According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg, 65 per cent of Middle East respondents, higher than the global average of 54 per cent, strongly agree or agree with the prediction that China and India have eclipsed the US as the world's center of tech innovation.
Seventy-two percent of Saudi Arabian respondents strongly agree or agree with the prediction that the next world war is a cyber war, said the newly released Bloomberg New Economy Forum survey of 2,000 business professionals in 20 markets.
First question - Theresa May's deal To what extent do you agree with this statement: "I wanted my MP to vote for the Brexit deal proposed by Theresa May."
Question 5: Employees should not have the right to start a grievance procedure at work in regards to their pay being "unequal" as it is disruptive to the business *13.64% of company owners/directors agree with this statement, v 14.04% of non-owners/directors Question 6: Women and men are equally capable to fulfil high level managerial positions *96.67% of women agreed with this statement and 93.48% of men agreed.
In the 2017 Third Quarter Social Weather Survey poll revealed Tuesday night, more than half or 51 percent of Filipinos surveyed do not agree with the statement that 'persons who use drugs or are involved in the illegal drug trade do not have the capacity to change anymore' while 28 percent agree and 20 percent are undecided.
Statement: I do not like my school because it is attended by many violent pupils 28,5% of pupils agree with the assertion that they do not like school on account of oppressive pupils (from this number 12,4% agree very much, and 16,1% agree3) with the assertion.
Do you agree with us that our National Assembly should no longer have to go cap in hand to Westminster before we can pass our own laws?
Generalizable conclusions are limited by the sample and scope of our study, but our results do have the strength of a randomized trial, and they tend to agree with the results of other studies.
* If you agree with the critics that Israel's response was disproportionate, suggest an alternative strategy Israel might have taken in response to Hezbollah's attack.
KPMG personnel must cooperate with the monitor or face dismissal, and the DPA expresses the intent "that the provisions regarding the Monitor's jurisdiction, powers and oversight authority and duties be broadly construed." (27) The Monitor is also empowered to recommend changes, and KPMG agreed to "adopt all recommendations submitted by the Monitor" unless the federal prosecutors in New York agree with the firm's objections.