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Both the propositions are unjust; for if we agree with what the few propose we erect a tyranny: for if it should happen that an individual should have more than the rest who are rich, according to oligarchical justice, this man alone has a right to the supreme power; but if superiority of numbers is to prevail, injustice will then be done by confiscating the property of the rich, who are few, as we have already said.
But, my dear Podsnap,' quoth Veneering, 'there IS a tried friend of our family who, I think and hope you will agree with me, Podsnap, is the friend on whom this agreeable duty almost naturally devolves.
Blythe thought it was his duty to tell Leslie that there was a chance for Dick," said Anne with spirit, "and," she added, loyalty to Gilbert getting the better of her, "I agree with him.
The poll further revealed a correlation between the two statement, saying, Net agreement with 'We should make every possible effort to improve the position of Muslims even if it means giving them preferential treatment' was very strong among those who agree with 'In the past few years there hasn't been much real improvement in the position of Muslims in this country.
Statement: The teachers, and especially the class--master are always ready to listen to my problems which are not directly connected with school 35,7% of the testees agree with the statement (only 8,2% are very agreeable with the statement), while 64,3%consider that the teachers are not always ready to listen to their problems which are not directly in connection with school (even 36,2% don't generally agree with the statement, fig.
Generalizable conclusions are limited by the sample and scope of our study, but our results do have the strength of a randomized trial, and they tend to agree with the results of other studies.
27) The Monitor is also empowered to recommend changes, and KPMG agreed to "adopt all recommendations submitted by the Monitor" unless the federal prosecutors in New York agree with the firm's objections.
Now all three leaders also agree with their party platforms and agree with each other.
He showed me that reality cannot be changed unless you agree with it.
This begs the question: did the court truly agree with the class's position, or did it merely grant the motion because the government failed to question it?
Fifty-two percent strongly agree with the government posting the Ten Commandments in public buildings; 18 percent mildly agree.
Directions: Mark each situation with an "A" if you agree with the school counselor's action, or with a "D" if you disagree with the school counselor's action.