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In a series of experiments, Bresin and Robinson showed that friendly, agreeable people try to avoid negative experiences.
The volunteers then had to rate how nice or agreeable they thought the person looked.
Male creeps make more than female creeps, but both creeps make more than agreeable people.
Yet "we recognize that given that there is no agreement between north and south on the details of that referendum, if they, you know, are able to arrive at a different course of action, this is up to them, but it has to be a mutually agreeable alternative," Crowley added.
touch with him and that he is agreeable to beginning discussion after the 10th
2 : willing to do, allow, or approve something <She's agreeable to my idea.
Ritter's market knowledge was instrumental in valuing this property at a price that both the landlord and tenant found agreeable," said Zuckerbrot.
He is polite and charming about his teachers, an agreeable trait from my point of view; he is consistent over the time-span of these pieces, remarkable given that much is aphoristic in the tradition of inconsistent architectural chat; and, after nearly 40 years he still wants to be a roadie for the Stones.
New research from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has found that people who have high intakes of Omega-3 fatty acids are more agreeable and less impulsive.
Would he be so agreeable if his school was being closed, not because of falling numbers, or dilapidated buildings, not because of damning inspector reports, but to make way for another school, as in the case of Whitchurch High Lower School?
The West Midlands Chief Fire Officer yesterday said the spectre of industrial action still remained despite management moving into a "more agreeable relationship" with local union officials.
treaty: (A) agreeable person; (B) formal agreement; (C) medical care; (D) special dessert