agreeable way

See: amenity
References in classic literature ?
We have been quarrelling here a little, Mr Rokesmith, but not more than we used; you know our agreeable ways among ourselves.
Now to anyone with a functioning brain it is obvious that playing golf for a living must be one of the most agreeable ways ever devised to make lots and lots of money.
He wanted an administration that conducts itself in agreeable ways and facilitates dialogue with the toughest enemies in order to resolve conflicts.
They were also schooled to maintain their neutrality and help the rest of the students stay on task and "disagree in agreeable ways.
member states to find agreeable ways to reform the Security Council as their positions vary, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroyuki Hosoda said in a separate press conference.
Graham Keal found more agreeable ways of making him talk
We are delighted that Kmart will continue to be a foundation partner for MSO throughout the decade, and that our two companies have found mutually agreeable ways to improve upon our beneficial relationship.