agreed to

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It is true that the peasants of the same company, though they had agreed to work the land on new conditions, always spoke of the land, not as held in partnership, but as rented for half the crop, and more than once the peasants and Ryezunov himself said to Levin, "If you would take a rent for the land, it would save you trouble, and we should be more free.
By this assistance, after many interviews with the bassa's agents, we agreed to pay four thousand three hundred crowns, which were accepted on condition that they should be paid down, and we should go on board within two hours: but, changing his resolution on a sudden, he sent us word by his treasurer that two of the most considerable among us should stay behind for security, while the rest went to procure the money they promised.
The bassa agreed to another Jesuit, and it pleased Heaven that the lot fell upon Father Francis Marquez.
Things have changed since we agreed to keep him out of the trouble.
She had, of course, agreed to keep all secret until Adam should give her leave to speak.
As they came to the castle, all was as the fox had said, and at twelve o'clock the young man met the princes going to the bath and gave her the kiss, and she agreed to run away with him, but begged with many tears that he would let her take leave of her father.
I have agreed to do the work for forty kopecks a sheet.
They agreed to appoint Momus as judge, and to abide by his decision.
It is clear that he has been deceived, or he would never have agreed to anything so vile as the scandalous revelations about his mother in Mr.
We had agreed to start with the sun on the morrow, so as to get clear of possible Peeping Toms; and when good-nights had been said, and I was once more swinging towards my inn, it seemed but an hour or two, as indeed it was, before I heard four o'clock drowsily announced through my bedroom door, and before I was once more striding along that river-bank all dew- silvered with last night's moonlight, the sun rubbing his great eye on the horizon, the whole world yawning through dainty bed-clothes of mist, and here and there a copse-full of birds congratulating themselves on their early rising.
Cassell agreed to a two-year, $13 million contract that will allow him to follow through with his plan to play two more NBAseasons, then start a coaching career.
14) Simultaneously, the government filed a criminal charge against KPMG, largely tracking the firm's confession, but prosecutors agreed to defer pursuing the case, and ultimately to dismiss the charge, if KPMG complied in full with the terms of the agreement.