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The Fulham fans agreed to differ, calling him a "cheat" at every opportunity.
The Cabinet spent 20 minutes discussing the report yesterday and agreed to differ.
"We have been in negotiations with Wirral Council, and essentially both parties have agreed to differ on this matter.
Spice Girl Mel B and All Saints' Shaznay Lewis have met face-to-face for the first time - and agreed to differ about Girl Power.
Tony Blair and Irish Premier Bertie Ahern agreed to differ on the issue when they talked about it in Dublin last week.
Houllier and Moore agreed to differ over another controversial incident - with Vladimir Smicer at the centre of the storm.
"At this stage we've agreed to differ and our view is that it won't be a problem unless it becomes one."
The decision didn't suit me, so we agreed to differ.
I have great respect for his opinions, and I think he had respect for mine, so we finally agreed to differ.
Carling said: "We have agreed to differ on the issue of their commercial rights and their right to use the England marques when they endorse products as individuals.
And talking of his relationship with abrasive chairman Murray, he said: "We agreed to differ on one or two occasions but on the football side I was allowed to run things my way without any interference.