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However, my journalistic peers in England always agreed to differ and thus Giggs has never be crowned with the prestigious individual honour; nor is he likely to get the award in the future because Giggs's many qualities these days seem to be taken for granted.
At the end of our discussion, we agreed to differ and I don't think I'll ever see things his way.
We have agreed to differ with the palace over whether the princess decided to drop the style 'Her Royal Highness,' " Atkinson said.
THE two Deanos - Saunders of Wrexham and Holdsworth from Newport - agreed to differ on the penalty and red card incident just after half-time in the Welsh derby.
We agreed to differ, it was one of the few areas where we explicitly faced up to the fact we were not going to find agreement but we provided an absolutely clear way forward.
I found this mix too astringent, but my companion rather liked the combination, so we agreed to differ.
James Milner said he was on penalties, but I just told him I really fancied it and in the end we agreed to differ.
Now you've said your piece it is time you and your daughter agreed to differ and moved on.
Dear Editor, -I have enormous respect for your arts editor, Terry Grimley and have agreed to differ with him over the architectural merits of Millennium Point ('Landmarks of perfect beauty', Post, Nov 20).
Robson said: ""We have agreed to differ because we cannot stop him, can we?
We agreed to differ on the delectability (or otherwise) of preserved squid and ox tripe, both of which I'm sure had been cooked beautifully by the kitchen.