agreeing to

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We reached Paris about eight o'clock, dined, and then, tired out, we separated, agreeing to meet the next morning at my rooms.
Los Angeles city officials will announce today that they have cut a deal to end litigation over the modernization of LAX, with opponents agreeing to trust the mayor and City Council to abandon the most controversial elements of the $11 billion plan.
3) Despite failing to reconcile these markedly different positions by denying certiorari on this issue on five prior occasions, (4) for reasons which are not yet clear, the Supreme Court recently agreed to consider the irreconcilable split in the circuits, by agreeing to review the Sixth Circuit's decision in Banks (5) and the Ninth Circuit's decision in Banaitis.
Louthan said this issue can be resolved by agreeing to deferring final approval of the proposed resolution (e.
Agreeing to maintain a multilateral fund beyond 1993.
Under the Amended Payment Agreement, TPID is obligated to (a) pay the former control block holder $100,000 by January 31, 2007; $185,000 by March 31, 2007; and $34,410 in interest and penalties by June 30, 2007 and (b) assume SSTY's obligations to issue the former control block holder 6 million common shares of TPID, as SSTY had previously agreed post-SSTY's acquisition of TPID but pre-spinout, in return for, inter alia, the former control block holder agreeing to waive $85,000 of the balance owed by SSTY and all interest and penalties on the $85,000;