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In the context of resolving a criminal tax case the government rarely agrees to a "global" settlement that disposes of related civil tax issues.
Counselor #1 agrees that counselor #3's behavior is inappropriate, and perhaps even unethical.
Consider the following responses to two different statements: 77 percent of readers reject the idea that suffering is a form of punishment for our sins (15 percent agree with it); while 59 percent think human sinfulness is the ultimate cause of suffering in the world.
Perhaps in an attempt to obtain financing in the first place, or to convince a real estate lender to extend more credit than it believes a particular construction project on completion will justify, or to salvage a troubled project, developers will often agree to guaranty interest payments to lenders.
Smith agrees that as old-growth disappears and better utilization brings ever smaller trees to the landings, logging systems will have to change.
The company awaits the decision of the receiver's feasibility study within the next 30 days as it is the believe of the company that He/She will agree or may not agree with the company's decision to cease operations as the loses were beyond compare, the hotel was depended on the convention centers sales and their ability to bring business to Pine Bluff, and in my opinion it was lackluster at best.
All of the above are quite significant, because if the City Council, on the recommendation of Hahn, decides to accept federal monitoring and the Justice Department agrees, the Justice Department is agreeing to the fact that the local authorities do have the police power to act.
Such calculations could only be used if the parties were able to first agree upon a schedule of sublease rental that could be equated with the goods and services paid by the bartering firm to the tenant.
TEI agrees that future guidance will be necessary and we shall be pleased to participate in the development of such interpretation bulletins.
pSivida's lender agrees to release the Company from loan covenant necessary to complete specified financing transactions with Nordic Biotech Advisors and gives other relief
Example: Taxpayer agrees to provide the IRS with the use of a computer and software so the computer audit specialist can obtain data comparable with Taxpayer's system.