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In the context of resolving a criminal tax case the government rarely agrees to a "global" settlement that disposes of related civil tax issues.
Although not every judge is inclined to agree, attorneys for the industry have had significant success in enforcing these "mandatory arbitration" provisions in court.
Bush seemed to agree. In a public speech in May, the president said, as if he were addressing Kim Jong-il, "You're hungry and you can't eat plutonium."
The counselor agrees to keep the identity of the student confidential, if possible, and informs the student he will report the information, the history teacher's name, and the four students' names to the principal.
The courts and IRS agree: Potential capital gains reduce stock value.
If you agree that the above adequately sets forth XYZ's understanding of our mutual responsibilities, please authorize this Agreement and return it to our office.
The agreement period may last anywhere from one to three years, and may be renewed if both parties agree to do so.
Most states follow the federal rule that in order for suspects to be properly charged with a drug conspiracy they must sincerely agree with each other to violate the drug laws.(1) Where there is an apparent agreement between a police informant and a suspect to violate the drug laws, such an agreement will not constitute a conspiracy because the informant is not being sincere.(2) In that case, there is not a true meeting of the minds between the informant and the suspect; the informant actually is trying to thwart the criminal enterprise.
I agree that financial statements are very complex, but the underlying transactions are very complex.
Steve Berntsen, director of an ITT Rayonier limited partnership that controls 400,000 acres of Washington forestland, agrees: "Industrial forest owners will have to make adaptations in their management philosophy.
Craig Wheeler of the University of Texas at Austin, agrees: "There are both red and blue solutions.' Yet another expert, W.
Under this approach, a taxpayer is not required to change its accounting method, but agrees to pay the government a "specified amount" that approximates the time-value-of money benefit the taxpayer derives from using this accounting method.