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Selon la definition en vigueur dans les institutions europeennes, la "planification fiscale agressive consiste a tirer parti des subtilites d'un systeme fiscal ou des incoherences entre deux ou plusieurs systemes fiscaux afin de reduire l'impot a payer".
20 pool margin; $50K per month store at 39% gross profit margin; both gas and store profit centers work on very high margins - upside for agressive new owner; 3 bays rented at $4,000/month; 12 dispensers; hi traffic corner; 3 tanks (12,000 gallons each); payroll calculated at $6,500/month in expenses - family run.
Les tirs et les ripostes se suivent, et au bout du compte nous pourrions etre amenes a operer plus largement et a mener une action plus agressive contre la bande de Gaza", avait declare le general Gantz.
Along with other family members,this agressive self starter is seeking acquisitions with on a wide range of industries like automotive produts and repair,coin operated laundery and dry cleaning,car washes,and general storage.
He went from doing well at school, getting involved in activities and sports, to being agressive and out of control.
3: Workshop: Reducing agressive behavior; Windsor; SafeGuard Training; www.
Spurred by an agressive effort by New York State to attract the semiconductor industry, Philips Semiconductor, Planar Semiconductor, SCHOTT Lithotec and more than 50 suppliers and related companies have also streamed into the Hudson Valley during the past few years.
Their report, out this week, found bailiffs regularly misrepresent their powers are abusive and agressive and use threats of violence and prison to force people to pay money they simply cannot afford.
Ully is a very quick, strong and agressive defender who also likes to get forward - the fans will love him," said Souness.
Nous ne laisserons pas l'EI respirer", a lance le president des Etats-Unis, qui peine a convaincre les Americains de l'efficacite de sa strategie face aux jihadistes, une large majorite d'entre eux jugeant que la reponse militaire n'a pas ete assez agressive.