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Recently a new vole-associated hantavirus (Tatenale virus) was discovered in northern England (7), but only from an individual Microtus agrestis field vole.
1989), Acomys cahirinus (Haim and Zisapel, 1999), Meriones unguiculatus (Li and Wang, 2005), Microtus agrestis (Krol et al.
Hobo spiders - known by the scientific name Tegenaria agrestis - look like common house spiders but are bigger, with thicker, hairy legs.
Coleoxestia vittata, Eurysthea lacordairei (Lacordaire), Juiaparus batus lacordairei (Gahan), Pteracantha agrestis Monne & Monne and S.
In the samples analysed, we have identified a great number of species indicating an environment with a high level of humidity, such as Arvicola terrestris, Microtus agrestis, Talpa europaea, Talpa occidentalis and Erinaceus europaeus.
agrestis was significantly positively correlated with grass cover and showed a significant negative association with bare ground and tree density.
In Pardosa agrestis (Araneae, Lycosidae), the most common ground dwelling spider in Central European fields, copulation typically takes more than two hours.
agrestis is common throughout the Pacific Northwest.
carmine qui tragico vilem certavit ob hircum, mox etiam agrestis Satyros nudavit, et asper incolumi gravitate iocum temptavit, eo quod illecebris erat et grata novitate morandus spectator, functusque sachs et potus et exlex.
The behavior during pachynema of a normal and an inverted Y chromosome in Microtus agrestis.
agrestis bites among persons in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington; spider bites reported to U.