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AGRICULTURE. The art of cultivating the earth in order to obtain from it the divers things it can produce; and particularly what is useful to man, as grain, fruit's, cotton, flax, and other things. Domat, Dr. Pub. liv. tit. 14, s. 1, n. 1.

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The farmers and agriculturalists from different areas of Sindh reached the KPC to register their protest against the Sindh government.
We salute all of those involved in the ideation, funding, development and all of the other activities it required to honor this remarkable agriculturalist.
Currently the national government in an effort to maintain the eco-sustainable public image, also subsidizes many agricultural ventures that promise to maintain a 'natural ecology'; such as reforestation farms in which the agriculturalist is given a government stipend to grow trees in their land plots pesticide free.
The exhibitor and visitor profile of the fair is sector producers and buyers, machine, single parts and supplier industry producers, agriculturalist, sector suppliers, logistic companies, sectoral associations and unions, hotel and chain markets.
An eminent agriculturalist, Paterson nominated Bab at the Bowster for the 1869 Waterloo Cup; in the final she narrowly went down to Master McGrath.
The 43-year-old agriculturalist has been appointed managing director after spending the last five years running race courses in Texas.
New evidence may be influential as the National Black Farmers Association and the Black Farmers and Agriculturalist Association seek congressional intervention in the 1999 Pigford v.
He was a brilliant man in everything he did, whether it be a lawyer (he was a graduate of Harvard), a soldier, a politician, or an agriculturalist.
Further, not only does Thoreau anticipate our contemporary divide on activist versus agriculturalist land use, but he also clearly indicates the depth and permanence of the division through the split between Thoreau the narrator and Thoreau the writer.
She is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Niger and currently works as a New Jersey farmer, with an itch to return to Africa as an agriculturalist.
The ink was hardly dry on the Dayton peace treaty that brought the Bosnian war to an end when agriculturalist Paul Craig made his first visit to the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, in 1995.
My own lawn, a biological space on which I could practice all that I had learned about crop management (I am an agriculturalist after all).

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