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AGRICULTURE. The art of cultivating the earth in order to obtain from it the divers things it can produce; and particularly what is useful to man, as grain, fruit's, cotton, flax, and other things. Domat, Dr. Pub. liv. tit. 14, s. 1, n. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The agriculturalist, who is the Chairman, Board of Trusting, National Sorghum Producers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria, said that farmers were expecting a lot from the president in his second term for the agricultural sector.
Agriculturalist Faisal Hassan stressed on the need to prevent plantation of water-intensive monoculture crops, 'Rice and sugarcane are the worst when it comes to water-intensive monocultures grown in the country and we now see that even maize is growing in popularity within the farming community.'
This study described the educator, agriculturalist, and agricultural educator professional identities of Arkansas agriculture teachers.
Agriculturalist Xhemail Ismaili is running in election unit 2, Ramadan Amzof, teacher in Veles, in the third election unit together with jurist Aziza Gjini.
English agriculturalist who invented the horsedrawn seeder and hoe, and whose ideas helped form the basis of modern agricultural machinery.
The large movement of Ambororo cattle in the farming areas of Western Equatoria has caused disagreement between the nomadic cattle herders and the mainly Zande agriculturalist population.
The exhibitor and visitor profile of the fair is sector producers and buyers, machine, single parts and supplier industry producers, agriculturalist, sector suppliers, logistic companies, sectoral associations and unions, hotel and chain markets.
He is agriculturalist.Since June 1993 he served as Chair of the Agency for Land Management of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
An eminent agriculturalist, Paterson nominated Bab at the Bowster for the 1869 Waterloo Cup; in the final she narrowly went down to Master McGrath.
The Agricultural division publishes more than 50 newspapers and magazines in Australia ("Australian Cotton Outlook," "Australian Landcare" and "Good Fruit & Vegetables"), New Zealand ("The Dairyman" and "AgTrader") and the U.S., including 20 periodicals, such as "Rural Life," "Farm Futures," "American Agriculturalist" and "Southern Farmer," produced by Farm Progress.
The 43-year-old agriculturalist has been appointed managing director after spending the last five years running race courses in Texas.
New evidence may be influential as the National Black Farmers Association and the Black Farmers and Agriculturalist Association seek congressional intervention in the 1999 Pigford v.

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