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STATION, civil law. A place where ships may ride in safety. Dig. 49, 12, 1, 13; id. 50, 15, 59.

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As the only RN in our aid station, I felt compelled to stay with Safi throughout the first night because I wanted him to feel safe as he was now in an unfamiliar environment.
I'm not sure how many came through our aid station, but there were many.
On another screen there was a news feed showing the bombed aid station.
I set up a first aid station right next to the cafe, which evolved into a full clinic, with doctors, nurses, and a free pharmacy.
MOM VILLAGE, Papua New Guinea-In a simple but striking example of grass roots development, a group of villagers on a remote island some 30 kilometers off Papua New Guinea's northern coast have funded and built their own medical aid station.
I didn't get off the beach until about 5pm when I was taken to a first aid station, which was an old farmhouse taken over by our lads.
When the pilot realized he was attacking an aid station, he tipped his wings and flew off.
That means parking your car, setting up your own aid station and having a bathroom scale available.
These include new dining shelters, specialty seating areas, and trellises to offer shady sanctuaries; new and renovated restrooms; and a new building for the first aid station staffed by a full-time nurse.
Ben Salomon had set up his aid station in a small tent about 50 yards behind the forward foxholes and 30 yards from the shore-line.
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