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I welcome the Government s funding for local primary schools to share in more than 60 additional Prep teacher aide hours each week, Mr Hart said.
Aide did have an engine, but was it fast enough for what he was expecting?
In 1959, Senator William Proxmire began raising concerns about racial prejudice, enlisted aides acting as personal servants, and the high cost of the Enlisted Aide Program.
Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice has provided home health aide services through its hospice program since 1980 and offers excellent employment opportunities for home health aides dedicated to providing the best possible care.
If the process of using the two aides to iron out points of divergence once the main principles have been identified by the leaders proves successful, then it is "very likely" the leaders will use them for other issues too, he noted.
If legislation allowed the utilization of medication aides in long-term care settings, we would promulgate regulations regarding the amount and type of training and testing CNAs would have to undergo to qualify as CMAs.
We joke about the raft of conservative legislative aides that will be looking for work this winter.
Civilian Application: Since an enlisted aide can perform many duties, the civilian applications are broad.
Treasury Department official ten years ago, he circulated a fifty-page study advocating the change, and he followed up this year by prevailing on President Bush and his senior aides to support the idea.
The second-period aide spends most of her time entering information into the athletic office calendar program.
An hour after Al Gore conceded defeat to Republican George W Bush in their White House race, he called back and said 'circumstances have changed', according to an aide.
After a few minutes of the foundrymen presenting their side of the ergonomics issue to Feingold's aide, Feingold was able to join the meeting.