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Following his stint as an aide-de-camp under General Wool, Gray became Assistant Adjutant-General of volunteers, and he took up his "detestable clerical duties" again, serving as an aide-de-camp on the staff of then Brigadier-General Edward R.
Since the advent of the scandal involving her husband's indiscriminate use of social media tools, the Clinton aide-de-camp has been practically unrecognizable, but for her love of jewellery.
LAHORE, June 17 -- Brigadier Adnan, a former aide-de-camp (ADC) to ex-president General (r) Pervez Musharraf, has been appointed as Military Secretary (MS) to President Asif Ali Zardari, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday.
Last year, he was made Air Aide-de-Camp to the Queen.
Wood, current aide-de-camp to Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's commanding general, has been deployed for three of his six years of service.
The 46-year-old Camara was shot in the head by his aide-de-camp in early
After this he became an aide-de-camp to Lord Mountbatten and the bulk of the text is devoted to these momentous years.
Sladen was aide-de-camp to General Oliver Otis Howard in the small party that entered the stronghold of legendary Chiricahua Apache chief Cochise in the foothills of Arizona's Dragoon Mountains; their purpose was to end the 12-year war between the tribe and the US government.
The articles are based on the personal experiences and fond memories of Gene Vandevender, who served as an aide-de-camp at Headquarters AFRC, Robin Air Force Base, Co.
ON A COLD NIGHT in February 1814, a few weeks before the entry of the Allies into Paris and Napoleon's exile to Elba, an officer wearing the red uniform of an aide-de-camp knocked on the door of the Ship Inn, Dover.
When World War II broke out, Mayhall was as an ordinary soldier among hundreds of others with the 90th Infantry Division, and advanced to the position of Captain, becoming the aide-de-camp to General William Weaver taking part in numerous battles including the crossing of the Moselle and Roer Rivers, and fighting as the company commander in assausts aginst the Maginot Line.
The son of a Union Quartermaster General, John Meigs official correspondence reveals what his duties were like as a military engineer and aide-de-camp to Union generals.