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The aide-memoire acknowledged the value of engaging the Haitian/CARICOM private sector in the process of recovery and economic development.
All these issues were clarified during the MTR (June 2003); yet in October 2004, the Aide-Memoire recorded that financial management and reporting were complicated by the lack of a unified financial management system for HAPP.
Jamaica Second HIV/AEDS Project: Aide-Memoire of the Supervision Mission and Identification of the Second Jamaica HEV/AEDS Project, October 1-5, 2005.
Aide-Memoire from Appraisal Mission (April 17-30, 2008)
The aide-memoire card tells officers how to respond to a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack.
In short, this is the textbook to finalise the Lee-Enfield story, and as such is an essential aide-memoire for the collector or curator.
The former architect, who has been painting full-time for 12 years, says: "The drawing is an aide-memoire, once made it is stored in my mind and becomes an imprint of a specific moment in time.
The Myanmar Foreign Ministry, in an aide-memoire handed to Thai Ambassador Oum Maolanon on Monday, demanded that Thailand cease support to armed insurgents and not harm ''existing friendship'' between the two countries, newspapers reported Wednesday.
Well, here is an aide-memoire of this season for you and for younger generations.