aider and abettor

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The cruelty of which he had been an unwilling witness, the coarse and ruffianly behaviour of Squeers even in his best moods, the filthy place, the sights and sounds about him, all contributed to this state of feeling; but when he recollected that, being there as an assistant, he actually seemed--no matter what unhappy train of circumstances had brought him to that pass--to be the aider and abettor of a system which filled him with honest disgust and indignation, he loathed himself, and felt, for the moment, as though the mere consciousness of his present situation must, through all time to come, prevent his raising his head again.
Mrs Varden's chief aider and abettor, and at the same time her principal victim and object of wrath, was her single domestic servant, one Miss Miggs; or as she was called, in conformity with those prejudices of society which lop and top from poor hand- maidens all such genteel excrescences--Miggs.
that it is apprehended you are going to fight a duel, and that the other man, Tupman, is your aider and abettor in it.
The judge described him as the bottom of the pile and an aider and abettor of the drug trafficking organisation.
Ashfaq Pervez Kiayani could not be declared as aider and abettor in proclamation of emergency.
68) In accordance with the common practice, the specification did not specify whether he was charged as the perpetrator or as an aider and abettor.
To further the discussion of regarding Google's status as an aider and abettor, the legal definition of "aid and abet" is necessary.
There was every indication the so-called victim was an accomplice and aider and abettor.
The chapters, which are organized by state, consider each state's recognition and understanding of the implied duty, prohibited and permitted conduct, aider and abettor liability, and litigation issues.
He is the greatest aider and abettor of its destruction that Dublin and the IRA have ever had," said Mr Paisley.
In that case the Supreme Court eliminated aider and abettor liability under [section]10b-5 of the Securities Act of 1934.
District Court for the District of Massachusetts dismissed aider and abettor liability claims against Price Waterhouse but sustained other securities law actions against the firm.