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Aides should use the ledger much like they would when balancing a check-book.
None of the aides received that training, and as a result, Medicaid was billed for ineligible services and Medicaid patients were given care by untrained aides.
On the proposed AB 187 Certified Medication Aide (CMA) Bill the NSBN board remained neutral since CMA would be under their regulatory process.
I raise my glass to the Senate aide and try to come up with an optimistic toast: "You know, I moved down here just this summer with only my misguided idealism.
Not long after, the general's aide called me and asked me if I had ever considered the enlisted aide career field.
Even if Tanaka drew her aides from her family companies, the most basic rule should be that public aides should not receive wages from private companies.
Creating a new category of worker who is even more poorly trained, poorly screened, and poorly paid than nurse aides is not the answer to staffing or quality-of-care problems.
We do not have teacher's aides in our K-1 classrooms, except for special education students.
It may be a reverse sort of chauvinism, but I have found that female students make the best office aides.
As you experience the lobbying process, it becomes clear how critical a quick, concise message is to win favor with the Congressmen and their aides.
Home care aides are the immediate link between client/family care givers and professional service providers, particularly in terms of daily support for self-care and prevention programs, early detection of problems, and changes in physical condition.