aiding and abetting

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The Court of Chancery then dismissed the aiding and abetting claim against Merrill Lynch.
In what should come as a relief to many lawyers who have assisted accused fraudsters in their transactions, the standard for attorney aiding and abetting fraud is a high one to meet.
Bombing of a place of public use resulting in death; aiding and abetting (two counts.
Ultimately, this Article concludes that the web of superficially conflicting rulings on the required mental state for aiding and abetting are best harmonized--and future rulings on liability for new technologies are best predicted--by looking to the existence of "substantial unoffending uses" for the product or service provided by the accused technologist.
Mr Hickman was sentenced for five sex offences and she for indecent assault and for aiding and abetting another man to rape a 14-year-old girl as part of a devil worship ritual.
And yet, despite its ruling that criminal libel is constitutional, it held aiding and abetting libel as unconstitutional because of overbreadth: The terms "aiding or abetting" constitute [a] broad sweep that generates [a] chilling effect on those who express themselves through cyberspace posts, comments and other messages.
Presiding Judge Richard Lussick said: "The accused has been found responsible for aiding and abetting as well as planning some of the most heinous and brutal crimes recorded in human history.
Watkins is also accused of aiding and abetting the sexual assault of a child.
He denied attempted murder, wounding with intent, attempted child destruction and aiding and abetting attempted child destruction.
She is also on trial at Manchester Crown Court accused of aiding and abetting the rape and committing a separate indecent assault on the alleged victim.
FORMER Liberian President Charles Taylor was yesterday found guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity by supporting brutal Sierra Leone rebels in return for blood diamonds.
The Plaintiffs assert a claim of aiding and abetting under the ATS.