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Dywedodd wrthyn nhw i anghofio am y cardiau melyn a chwaraeodd y tim lot gwell yn yr ail hanner ac ennill.
Typically AIL manufactures all Canadian Super*Cor at its Ayr, Ontario, plant.
Mae eu cerddoriaeth wedi newid dipyn ers y cychwyn cyntaf, ond erbyn tua chanol yr 1980au roedd 'swn' unigryw Ail Symudiad wedi'i sefydlu.
Highly- placed sources had told M AIL T ODAY that the party had been apprehensive of repeating its spectacular success in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and thus there would be some fall in numbers for sure in the 2019 elections.
Although GBPCE has strong capacity to support AIL, Fitch views the probability of such support as moderate given that GBPCE is not a direct majority shareholder and given AIL's limited strategic importance to GBPCE.
Cyfarfod Ail Symudiad ar y stryd yn Aberystwyth yng nghwmni Malcolm Neon yr arloeswr cerddoriaeth electroneg Cymraeg.
Unlike its successors, however, the AIL received regular injections of funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York which enabled it to continue to function even with restricted membership.
MORE than 500 police officers and support staff have been disciplined over ``inappropriate'' em ails found on their force computers.
Others are implementing AIL strategies, which offer as-needed assistance with the residents' activities of daily living (ADLs) within their existing IL units.
The B-1 Special Program Office (SPO) has received a plan from AIL Systems, Inc.
In other words, dolphins, porpoises, humpbacks, orcas, and ail other whales are close kin of cows, horses, pigs, and related barnyard stock.
After ail, with Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) executive-producing And Frasier's Edward Hibbert starring as Harry, a henchman to Malcolm McDowell's Mr.