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General Aamer Riaz visited the ailing boy at Children Hospital Lahore where he has been admitted since December 1.
Pharmacists representatives also congratulated newly elected body of Pakistan Pharmacist Association and urged them to make efforts and meaningful role for ailing humanity.
They said a year ago a large number of ailing artists and writers had submitted their applications with culture directorate for financial assistance but despite approval from the concerned quarters, their aid funds were not released.
US-based banking services company, Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) has announced that it is planning to acquire assets from ailing banks in the US.
It reiterated it would pick the winning bid based on its economic offer and the ability of its industrial plan to "develop and relaunch" the ailing airline.
The death-denying culture of Western civilization was asked to collectively hold vigil as an ailing octogenarian, suffering from sepsis and the cumulative effects of Parkinson's disease, slowly let go of life.
Peers and neighbors of ailing senior living residents who have not yet experienced serious aging complications themselves don't want to be constantly reminded of the inevitable.
LITTLEWOODS Stores head office staff have been banned from em ailing people in the same department by new boss Mark Newton-Jones.
There was a time when foreign buyout funds were called vultures, buying up what was left of ailing "Japan Inc.
Like many of the African Americans who participated in a survey conducted by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies last year, are you thinking that education vouchers might be just the remedy to the nation's ailing public school system?
Daughters serving as the primary caregivers for an ailing parent show more cardiovascular stress than do wives caring for their ailing husbands, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford (Calif.