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The new Friederichsbad is a very large and beautiful building, and in it one may have any sort of bath that has ever been invented, and with all the additions of herbs and drugs that his ailment may need or that the physician of the establishment may consider a useful thing to put into the water.
While he had been tossed by many emotions, he had not been aware of ailments.
He could nurse his ailments comfortably on such an income.
She pretended that she was always well now, and concealed her ailments so craftily that we had to probe for them:-
Warranted, in fact, to cure all bodily ailments for ever
We're dreadfully afraid that she's going to lose the sight of one of her eyes, and I always feel that our physical ailments are so apt to turn into mental ailments.
Benjy paused, in hopes of drawing the farmer at once on the subject of his ailments without further direct application.
He hoped the farmer could charm it away as easily as he could Tom's wart, and was ready with equal faith to put another notched stick into his other pocket, for the cure of his own ailments.
KARACHI -- Three citizens of Karachi, inflicted with Dengue Fever, lost their lives with hemorrhagic related complications of the ailment at local hospitals, late Sunday evening.
The aim of this scheme was to provide a minor ailment assessment/treatment service with selected pharmacies which provided care closer to home.
Another ailment is sunburn, where the skin is burned by the rays of the sun and turns red and painful.
The new scheme means you can be referred directly to other services and, should you need a treatment for the ailment, we will be able to supply it for free.