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The new Friederichsbad is a very large and beautiful building, and in it one may have any sort of bath that has ever been invented, and with all the additions of herbs and drugs that his ailment may need or that the physician of the establishment may consider a useful thing to put into the water.
While he had been tossed by many emotions, he had not been aware of ailments. Now they beset him and made clamor.
He hoped the farmer could charm it away as easily as he could Tom's wart, and was ready with equal faith to put another notched stick into his other pocket, for the cure of his own ailments. The physician shook his head, but nevertheless produced a bottle, and handed it to Benjy, with instructions for use.
You cannot mention any ailment but she says, shaking her head, `Ah, I know too well what that is' -- and then you get all the details.
Besides, the physician might declare the ailment feigned; and Milady, after having lost the first trick, was not willing to lose the second.
Creede's ailment having no obvious relation to the interests of the better land he did not apparently deem it necessary to expound it on that demand; he said nothing--merely stared.
A bodily disease, which we look upon as whole and entire within itself, may, after all, be but a symptom of some ailment in the spiritual part.
I felt physically weak and broken down: but my worse ailment was an unutterable wretchedness of mind: a wretchedness which kept drawing from me silent tears; no sooner had I wiped one salt drop from my cheek than another followed.
A NEW campaign has launched to enable people in Northumberland who receive free prescriptions to go straight to their pharmacy for treatment for minor ailments.
"Uncommon Cures For Everyday Ailments" is a compendium of just such tried and tested do-it-yourself cures and remedies for everything from arthritis, leg cramps, genital warts, and osteoporosis, to infertility, prostate troubles, and sunburn.
Chemists say sales of flu and cold remedies are up 60 per cent compared with last June and July while cures for summer ailments such as hay fever are down 40 per cent.