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And the force promised that from now on there would be regular checks of em ails to catch out anyone misusing their computers.
Like CIAM and the Modernists he mostly vilifies, Kelbaugh mirrors their faith in an all encompassing solution to what ails the city.
Last night, Assistant Chief Constable Grahame Barker, who conducted the investigation, said: ``These em ails were totally unacceptable - I am confident that message has got across.
The most offensive em ails are thought to have involved racist images.
What really ails conservatives is not that people think they lack the lift of a driving dream, but that they appear to have a mean spirit.
Ails Garner Corporation has already begun in-depth discussions of possible acquisition or merger with a private investigation company which would increase their overall operations within the legal
Because of weaknesses in the computer system, he added, the em ails had been pinned on a notice board in the immigration office - from which any staff member could have removed it.
Alan Beith raised concern over instructions to cabinet office staff to delete em ails after three months unless important.
The em ails were sent to people who placed appeals for information on the Sky News website.
The em ail backlash is part of the move from Old Hall Street's JM Centre to new headquarters in their former Spinney House HQ in Liverpool's Church Street.
It was headed by housing director Alan Stennard but no other worker was found with any em ails that breached the guidelines.
ONE of Britain's biggest banks has been forced to suspend some of its internet services after tens of thousands of customers were targeted by an em ail scam.