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I applaud Suzanne for always aiming high and helping others to advance along with her," said Patricia Diaz Dennis, retired senior vice president and assistant general counsel at AT&T and member of the U.
Lynne Barton, manager of the council's Integrated Disability Team which ran the Aiming High programme, said: "Aiming High short breaks has had a positive impact on the lives of many of the families we have worked with and it has been a pleasure to offer this additional support.
Anne-Marie Carney, programme manager for Aiming High for Disabled Children, working across the local authority and the primary care trust, said: "The programme is aspirational, working towards disabled children and their families being able to live 'ordinary lives' and enjoy life in the same way as anyone else.
But she is also aiming high, and hopes to attend either Harvard or Yale.
They will benefit from extra support and resources under the Government's Aiming High strategy.
In a bid to turn things around Mr Spencer spearheaded the school's Aiming High project, a forerunner to the Assembly's recentlylaunched project with a similar sounding name, Aiming Higher Wales.
Now in control of the situation, the erstwhile victim pulled his 9mm handgun and fired four additional shots, purposely aiming high to merely frighten (rather than wound or kill) the fleeing foursome.
BROOKIE hardnut PHILIP OLIVIER (Tim) is aiming high - he wants to be Britney Spears' love slave.
Henry Daly is aiming High In The Clouds at Thursday's first renewal of the Tim Forster Cup at Wincanton.
With 25 years in corporate real estate, the past 16 years at Chase Manhattan Bank, Cesar Chekijian adheres to the vision of aiming high to manage real estate in a way that increases earnings per share.
How's that for aiming high and reaching for the stars?
Frontier Communications' (NYSE:FTR) Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Kathleen Quinn Abernathy has been honored by Legal Momentum with its 2011 Aiming High Award.