aiming to destroy

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Kuwaitis are capable of defeating these terrorist attempts aiming to destroy their country, as they share a strong sense of unity and nationalism, said Al-Ghanim in a press statement.
The OPCW is aiming to destroy Syria's entire chemical weapons program by mid-2014 in midst of a civil war.
Nasrallah slammed those countries which claim that they are keen on Syria's welfare and stability at the time that they stand behind takfirist groups aiming to destroy the country.
PESA office bearers expressed concern over the on-going anti-Army campaign aiming to destroy integrity and strength of the force that is defending country's geographical and ideological frontiers.
The corrupt criminal media outlets also play a great role in falsifying the truth and implementing the Zionist-American plan aiming to destroy Egypt," he added.
Nafie who was speaking in reception organized on the occasion of Eid-al-Adha attended by leaders of allied parties, praised the Sudanese people and political forces for their "steadfastness and determination" to face "challenges and conspiracies" against Sudan and aiming to destroy its "comprehensive project", as he said Analyst agree that the attack serves Khartoum's propaganda of "external enemies" aiming to arouse nationalist feelings and rally popular support despite its repressive policy and the different internal wars.
He added that these personalities and banks had direct roles in the collapse of Iraqi currency before foreign exchange, in addition to their involvement in policies aiming to destroy Iraqi economy.
Ruud Van Nistelrooy is aiming to destroy Fulham's European dream.
THE famous four face destruction at the hands of the Silver Surfer, who is aiming to destroy the earth.
By gathering a group of people that is very diverse politically, ethnically, and religiously, we are aiming to destroy the stereotypes under which many labor, namely that opposition to abortion must come only from one religious group," said Fr.
Tolkien died in 1973, but his books are more popular than ever, boosted by the recent blockbuster three-film adaptation of Lord of the Rings -the chronicle of an alliance of humans, wizards, elves, dwarves and hobbits aiming to destroy a ring of ultimate power and stop an evil lord from enslaving the mythical land of Middle Earth.
DEON Burton returns to Ninian Park on Wednesday aiming to destroy the play-off hopes of his former club.