aiming to kill

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Eric Van der Sypt, a federal magistrate, said the terrorists were aiming to kill police on the street or in their offices.
Meanwhile, the Taliban said on Monday it was aiming to kill Prince Harry whilst he was in Afghanistan, and they had a 'high-value plan' to attack the third-in-line to the British throne.
The trainee plumber was unlucky enough to be working at feared Martin "Marlo" Hyland's house in Finglas, Dublin, in December 2006 when ruthless assassins burst in aiming to kill the crimelord.
According to the arraignment sheet of the public prosecution, the defendant stabbed his brother with a knife aiming to kill him.
KING of the one-liner Gary Delaney is aiming to kill audiences with laughter.
They said that the 25 suspects, including two Palestinians, have set up a terror group aiming to kill Christians and foreigners in Egypt.
IRISH middleweight Darren Sutherland is aiming to kill two birds with the one blow at the upcoming World Senior Boxing Championships.
We consider these people terrorists because they are aiming to kill and bomb civilian targets", he said.
The Russian Defense Ministry said the blast was an act of terrorism by Chechen separatists aiming to kill the president and others.
I am not going to say I am going into Sunday's race aiming to kill Michael.
Most antitumor drugs destroy their targets by attacking cancer cells' DNA, aiming to kill off the malignancy by disrupting the fast-growing cells' reproductive machinery.
According to the arraignment sheet of the Public Prosecution, the 19-year-old Emirati man stabbed his brother with a knife aiming to kill him.