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The first effect of freedom, as we have witnessed in Clifford's aimless flight, was a tremulous exhilaration.
Even worse than that was the fearful nervousness from which she suffered; she would have frightful headaches and fits of aimless weeping; and sometimes she would come home at night shuddering and moaning, and would fling herself down upon the bed and burst into tears.
It seems like a rather aimless and stupid existence.
So he drifted away into the misty commercial future -- as aimless, as helpless, as gentleman-like as ever.
John's Wood and Hampstead, and eastward in Shoreditch and Highbury and Haggerston and Hoxton, and, indeed, through all the vastness of London from Ealing to East Ham--people were rubbing their eyes, and opening windows to stare out and ask aimless questions, dressing hastily as the first breath of the coming storm of Fear blew through the streets.
If he were mad, it was the consequence, and not the cause, of an aimless and abortive life.
Your assessment is correct that Trump might be simply indulging in rhetorical threats that appeal to his isolationist political base at home or to justify American tax payers' money squandered in aimless adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.
BARGOED'S aimless kicking in the opening quarter gave them just too much to do in the later stages as Bedwas ended a three-match losing run.
4 (ANI): The United States is entangled in domestic political in-fighting and its foreign policy strategies are self-contradictory, and this has led to state-run media in China to label the current administration in Washington as being narcissistic, fretful, arrogant, aimless and reckless.
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ISLAMABAD -- MNA PML-N, Maiza Hameed said Monday that people have rejected the aimless agitation and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Inaf should too avoid such politics for the betterment of country.
PESHAWAR -- The PTI's August 7 rally would meet the same fate like 2014 Dharna of Imran Khan as the masses were more interested in development works and resolution of their problems rather than going to useless and aimless agitation against the government, which has a very popular mandate of people, said politicians and lawmakers of mainstream political parties here on Friday.