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There's a strange sensation of being in a movie that somehow blends the high-testosterone aimlessness of "Superbad" with the lonely wandering of a Jeanne Moreau in Antonioni's "La Notte," with the result that Ignacio suddenly finds himself alone and unwilling to go back home and sleep.
While his mother is delighted be has a driving Jewish girlfriend and has earmarked him as a vehicle for further family salvation, envisioning him as a player in the business world after he graduates from Harvard, Skip clings defensively to his aimlessness.
Five times, in less than a couple of minutes, they kicked possession away with an aimlessness that was beyond belief.
Characterized by cynical aimlessness, these individuals model the vacuousness of the neoliberalism that is now the order of the day in Argentina, where everything and everyone can be had for the right price and any and all sorts of deals can be cut.
The ambient sounds of Saint Etienne's and the Aphex Twins' music provided a kind of incidental, background sound-track that seemed to reinforce the quality of perpetual aimlessness suggested by this video melange of obscurely connected images that evoked the digital texture of tele-visual narrative.
It may still speak to audiences close enough to the characters' age to share, or at least recall sharing, their morbidly romantic aimlessness. But to anyone who has moved on, it's likely to be a case of ennui breeding ennui.
The imminence of the year 2000, here associated with aimlessness, nihilism, and the erosion of belief, provides the point of departure for Paraiso.
Wall, casting a certain parental gaze over the tableau, claims it back for art by maneuvering contemporary disorder and aimlessness into a conceptual grid again provided by the urbanity of 19th-century Paris.
As with the two "Matrix" follow-ups, which were shot back-to-back like the second and third "Pirates" entries, there is a sense of bloat and where-do-we-go-from here aimlessness to this unconscionably protracted undertaking.
After the tale of the unhappy artist has begun and the reader has learned about her ten years of aimlessness and despair, when she is back at home and has met Andrus again, another trip to Paris is in the offing.
Variety's Todd McCarthy said, "there is a sense of bloat and where-do-we-go-from-here aimlessness to this unconscionably protracted undertaking" (see review, page 21).