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AIMS Worldwide is a vertically integrated marketing communications consultancy providing organizations with focused marketing solutions at the lowest possible cost.
DataCert's AIMS IP is a business solution that addresses the unique needs of corporate intellectual property professionals on multiple levels.
With a network infrastructure that handles more than 2 billion instant messages each day, the AIM service enables people around the world to connect in real time via text, audio or video instant messaging, and to engage in shared activities, such as casual gaming and picture-sharing.
AIMS Tracker's new Custom Order module significantly decreases time from quote to firm order for manufacturers with customized products.
Cecil Bryan, Director, Key Business Projects for AIMS, expects TIS' eFLOW to drastically lower AIMS' processing cycle time and provide up-front visibility to the valuable information contained in each invoice.
According to Garcia, the AIMS One-2-One strategy adds a new dimension to marketing by combining integrated marketing services with broadband communication technologies.
New AOL(R) Instant Messenger(TM) (AIM(R)) Service Extends Value of My IP Relay and AIM Relay Services to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community
The acquisition of AIMS Multimedia solidifies Discovery's position as a leader and innovator in the world of digital video-based learning," said Judith A.
Users Can Access AIM Relay Services On Their Computer or On Their Wireless Device
AIMS QLM(TM) framework is an incomparable platform for quality management over the entire product lifecycle from design through manufacturing and from suppliers to field services.
The deal was confirmed at midday today by Napster's founder Shawn Fanning and interim CEO Hank Barry, and by Alison Wenham, chief executive of AIM, and Patrick Zelnik, vice president of IMPALA, for the U.
The Smart AIM E-commerce system brings thousands of brick and mortar mall stores onto the Internet, most who do not have a Web presence, and provides free Internet access to each mall's local shoppers.