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Diseases of the respiratory system can affect the air passages (causing obstruction of the flow of air into or out of the lungs, as in asthma) or can affect the lung tissues (resulting in a poor exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, as with emphysema).
Most physicians and scientists have believed that inflammation alone causes air passages to gradually narrow in asthmatics.
The drops, which open air passages, are made from a Chinese recipe of ginger root and yams, cost $9.
The Series 50 overhead camshaft design optimizes intake and exhaust air passages in the cylinder head for easier breathing while minimizing valve train losses by eliminating the need for push rods, making high injection pressures possible.
Now, researchers report that the obstruction of air passages that makes a person snore heavily or snort while sleeping can sharply reduce blood flow to the brain, possibly boosting the risk of stroke.
Quibron is an important bronchodilator drug which is used for prophylaxis of asthma, a debilitating respiratory disease characterized by narrowed air passages and shortness of breath.
Smoke exhaust system with 4 pc Smoke extraction V = 12 000 mA / h; T400 A C; air line about 16 mA, air passages.
Nowadays, fractals enter into scientists' descriptions of a wide range of phenomena, from the branching of air passages in the lungs and the flight paths of wandering albatrosses to the fracturing of a chunk of metal.
1 Central ventilation and exhaust air 4000 mA / h,1 Central ventilation and exhaust air 11 000 mA / h,approximately 1 900 mA Ventilation ducts and fittings,200 m ventilation pipes DN 100 to DN 400,60 fire dampers,130 air passages,2 room cooling units for recirculation mode.
They have a bronchodilator effect, that is they open up constricted air passages.
Such investigations may eventually furnish clues as to why fractals appear to abound in nature, from crazily indented coastlines to the intricate branching of air passages in the human lung.
Because adenoviruses have a specific affinity for the epithelial cells lining air passages in the nose and lungs, the researchers expect them to deliver the genes only to those cells.