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Patients with cholesteatoma, dry middle ear mucosa, previous otological surgery, marginal perforation in tympanic membrane, air-bone gap less than 20 dB in preoperative audiometry evaluation, congenital ossicular anomaly, traumatic ossicular injury, postoperative non-intact ear membrane, and hearing reconstruction in multiple sessions were excluded.
Preoperative air-bone gap, ABG (AC-BC) was in the range of 31-40 db in 17 cases in Group A and 18 cases in Group B respectively; 13 cases in Group A and 11 cases in Group B had ABG in the range of 21--30 db; 1 case had ABG in the range of 41-50 db (Group B).
Hearing was rendered as effective increase when air-bone gap was decreased by 15 dB after surgery.
by calculating the average air-bone gap and air conduction threshold of all the ears with that aetiological factor.
Hazar and co-workers (35) also observed that a patient with conductive hearing loss experienced significantly improved hearing after four weeks of RME, and that the air-bone gap decreased.
Charlett et al examined the differences in audiometric outcomes between trainees and attending surgeons after tympanoplasty with hydroxylapatite prostheses and found a significant improvement in air-bone gap (ABG) outcomes in favor of attending surgeons.
Air-bone gap in patients with X-linked stapes gusher syndrome.
No significant difference was seen between the underlay and over-underlay techniques with respect to graft uptake, re-perforation, retraction, graft lateralisation, Air-Bone Gap or Pure Tone Audiometry result.
Out of 25 patients with stapedotomy, 22 (88%) developed complete closure of the air-bone gap (<10 dB) on pure tune audiometry.
The mean air-bone gap at speech frequencies improved significantly from 16 [+ or -] 3.