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To predict the drying rates of wetted nylon and expanded polystyrene (EPS) particles in an air-fluidized bed, three theoretical methods from literature were used to model the constantrate drying period while the falling-rate period was modelled using the characteristic drying curve method.
16] In the current economic environment, however, where an emphasis has been placed on moving patients from the high-cost hospital setting to less expensive settings, many clinicians and patients have sought to use air-fluidized bed therapy in the home.
One modality provided patients with air-fluidized bed therapy whenevevr they had 3rd or 4th stage sores, removing the therapy when the sores healed to 2nd stage or better; the other provided patients with conventional therapy as prescribed by their attending physicians.
Patients were excluded from the study if they were febrile or septic or otherwise required immediate hospitalization, since such patients would incur costs even before the air-fluidized bed therapy was provided.
In each of three major metropolitan areas, a nurse who was an expert at using air-fluidized bed therapy served as the study's home care coordinator (HCC).
Group 1, for patients at-risk, includes alternative pressure pads, foam replacements and air overlays; Group 2, for stage 2 pressure sores and higher, includes low air loss mattress replacements, low air loss overlays and beds, and alternating (or turning) mattresses; and Group 3, for the most severely disabled or contracted patients, includes air-fluidized beds.