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determining whether personnel are being exposed to excessive airborne concentrations of isocyanates released from 2-pack PUP during mixing and application by brush/roller, to ship superstructures, in an open-air environment in a tropical climate (e.
The airborne concentrations of compounds commonly present in creosote (indene, naphthalene, 2-methylnaphthalene, 1-methylnaphthalene, biphenyl, acenaphthene, dibenzofuran, and fluorine) were determined for all air samples tested.
Measurements made by the EPA indicate that exposures to fibers 5 microns and longer inside buildings are much lower than average airborne concentrations of fibers.
The only package of those tested that kept airborne concentrations below occupational exposure limits was a cardboard box layered with a patent-pending vapor-resistant bag and second cardboard box--designed by VaporLok Products LLC.
Research into indoor air pollution in homes burning biomass fuels has tended to focus on airborne concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM) (Albalak et al.
Environmental Protection Agency announced it would soon require states to regulate airborne concentrations of PM-2.
Both personal and equipment samples were collected to determine airborne concentrations of respirable dust during earth-disturbing activities.
Airborne concentrations of MWCNT-OH and CB were very low during weighing and transferring, with the highest particle number concentrations detected in the 500-nm range (3,065 particles/L for MWCNT-OH and 1,428 particles/L for CB).
Federal rules prohibit airborne concentrations of the smallest, most readily inhaled dust particles--those 10 micrometers in diameter or smaller--to exceed an average of 15 [micro]g/[m.

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